Pinnacle Textile Industries, LLC was founded by three industry veterans with over 100 years of combined experience between them. Pinnacle founders Robert Lazarus, Chairman, Patrick Methven, President and Managing Partner, and David Gurss, Executive VP, were previously instrumental in building family-owned Penn State Textile (PST) Mfg. Inc. into a nationally-renowned, industry innovator. After a sale of PST in 1999, they reformed as a partnership to launch Pinnacle Textile in 2002. They’ve drawn on their deep roots in the business and have successfully grown Pinnacle Textile into a service-centric company 100% focused on meeting the needs of demanding clients, with a broad range of product lines. 

In November 2013, Pinnacle Textile Industries, LLC. was proud to announce the acquisition of Eagle Work Clothes. Adding Eagle to Pinnacle’s worldwide assets means even greater values, even more comprehensive capabilities and even better service for all of their customers. Pinnacle welcomes all of the Eagle Work Clothes valued customers to the Pinnacle family and are looking forward to serving your uniform and textile needs in 2014 and beyond.

Pinnacle Textile Industries has developed into one of the premier, uniform manufacturers and distributors in the United States. Originally selling a Kitchen line of uniforms, their catalog now offers an extensive collection of medical, kitchen, industrial, and hospitality merchandise. To support this, they have created a global supply chain, which efficiently brings their goods to you at competitive prices.Pinnacle's manufacturing capabilities are global, utilizing first-rate fabrics and meticulous sewing standards to withstand the gauntlet of industrial washings. And that’s why Pinnacle is able to offer a 30-DAY, NO-HASSLE RETURN POLICY.

Pinnacle Textile serves Linen and Textile Rental Operators, Distributors, Public and Private Equity Restaurant Companies, Retail Uniform Outfitters, Party Rentals and large buyers of Image Uniform Programs. From service apparel to aprons, linens to specialty items. If you use it we supply it. Including a variety of cover garments such as Butcher Frocks, Smocks and Wrap Gowns for use in meat and poultry plants, supermarkets and butcher shops. And our “Build Your Own” frock program allows you to customize these cover garments to meet varying local, state or federal requirements.